During my high school practicum, I have been working on an app for many reasons. It mainly was to add extra interactivity that a PowerPoint could not provide, although, I also did it to establish myself as a geeky teacher. The responses from students were, “SIR, DID YOU MAKE AN APP!” and “CAN I GET IT ON THE APP STORE!” and much more. I found that in doing this, it gained a lot of respect from the students and sparked their curiosities about how to make an app themselves. I could show them how I did it, however, it would have to be outside of the music classroom. I used Hype to make it as a precursor to my creative project to begin learning so I wasn’t using many advanced features.

The most used feature is the rhythm arranger because it allows me to whip up rhythms using rhythm groupings they know for the class to clap. It also allows me to let students make their own rhythms and to clap it as a class. I have also used it for students to have solos, which lets me see if they can play the rhythms or not. When working with more difficult rhythms, I clap the rhythm by myself first so the students can hear how it should sound.

I have no time signatures written so it can be used for different simple time metres. In one class with year 9, we did a rhythm in 5/4. With year 8, we had a rhythm in 7 but we all still did it perfectly fine.

Unfortunately, I cannot share this resource as an app because I have the free developer license in Xcode. If I really polish the app, I may consider paying the fee in the hundreds to put it on the app store for free. What I can do, however, is put it in an iBook to share. This will cause some issues though as the screen real estate will be less than what I am developing for. Some of these features also will double

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The rhythm arranger segment of the app was separated and then made into a new widget that you can download here to add to your iBooks if you’d like. You can download the iBook here as well and it contains instructions.