Moving from GarageBand for iOS to Logic gives me the ability to record my instruments using my USB audio interface. Because I am ditching MIDI sounds, I want to improvise a melody over the proper chord progression that I will play. Moving on from the block chords, I played arpeggiated patterns on the guitar and then recorded them.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 8.59.50 pm.png

I double tracked the guitars for the section A chord progression and I also played the bassline on a real bass guitar.

I quickly notated the parts, which can be seen below.

Irish Music Influence_0001.png

Ignore the out of range colour on the notation for the guitar as the guitar is tuned differently to be able to play those notes with DADGAD tuning (scordatura). To annotate, you will see that the 4th bar has a different structure to the other bars. I did this as a midpoint in the chord progression and to make use of the same notes on different strings to bring out the subtle differences in tuning. My aim is to not be 100% with my intonation in this piece as my Irish instruments are not 100% in tune (not 100% in tune to equal temperament at least). When it comes to adding uilleann pipes, the drones will not be perfectly in tune as it sounds better to slightly detune them so they don’t sound thin.