Moving on with my model, my next step was to improvise a melody over the chord progression until I found a melody that I liked. I initially started using MIDI and then moved to improvising on a tin whistle in D to solidify my melody for section A.Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 2.25.18 pm.png

As part of my research, I flicked through hundreds of Traditional Irish music melodies to get an idea for the shape. I had a look through The Roche Collection of Traditional Irish Music and found many melodies that repeated the top note, and some that had only one apex note (Roche, 1982). This informed how I improvised as I worked my melody in an arch contour between the chords. Below is a melody that I found interesting , although it is quite different from what Im going for (Roche, 1982, p. 27).

Taimse Im' cooluq.png

This mainly helped me with the notation of ornaments, although, that is an air for the violin. The grace notes decorate and dance around the melody, which I will explore in repetitions of my melody

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 2.25.18 pm.png


In this melody you can see I use the grace notes to decorate the melody. They lend themselves well to the tin whistle and are very idiomatic to play (flicks and strikes).

Irish Music Influence - Tin Whistle in D.png


Reference List

Roche, F. (1982). The Roche collection of traditional Irish music. Cork: Ossian Publication.

Roche, F. (1982). The Roche collection of traditional Irish music (Vol. 3). Cork: Ossian Publication.