For this major project, I will be collaborating with Sarah Prestwidge to make a resource for education. In the coming weeks, we will blog ongoing reflections and documentation as part of our project.

Below is the initial brainstorming Sarah and I came up with.


What people would need?

  • Rhythm/ear training apps
  • On-screen instruments
  • DAWs
  • Notion/NotateMe/other notation
  • Music
  • Sound manipulation
  • Instrument tutorials


Applications that exist (iPhone market):

  • Music theory for beginners
  • Musicnotes Decks: Flash Cards
  • Music Resources – Theory, worksheets & Flashcards
  • Notes! – Learn to read music
  • Learn to read music for kids
  • Music theory video tutor
  • MSO learn
  • Music Tutor Free (sight reading improver)
  • Piano notes
  • ClefTutor Free
  • Music Theory with Audio
  • Voice recorder
  • Jam Multi-tool (choose key, and teaches how to play on guitar or piano- chord chart)
  • Solfeggio
  • Auralia
  • Notion
  • Garageband
  • Soundtrap