This post will look at remixing in extension to the previous post and how it is good for education.

What Are Remix Mashups

Some people may be aware of The Grey Album by Danger Mouse. For those who don’t, it mixes an a cappella version of  Jay-Z’s The Black Album with samples from The Beatles’ “White Album”.  The album embodies what remix mashups are, although, it is illegal to actually buy it (who knew). Another great example is Kutiman’s project ThruYOU, where he use youtube video samples to make an album. I will link one of his videos below because they are amazing. You can also check out the website for more of the tracks.

In my lecture, we were showed the music of Madeon who uses Novation launchpads to perform his music. I actually own a launchpad myself and I was inspired to buy one by this video by M4sonic. In contrast with Madeon’s Pop Culture, M4sonic uses the launchpad in the drum mode to play one shot samples rather than session loops. It had me in awe when I was in high school and I wasted no time in getting one for myself.

Here’s a video of my sister using a remake project of Madeon’s Pop Culture on the Launchpad.

The Launchpad iOS App

Novation has since released a free Launchpad app, allowing you to trigger samples from your iPad/iPhone. This is a fun app that can actually be controlled by a real launchpad if you have one, so it could be a cool replacement for having to use a DAW such as Ableton Live or FL Studio. You can also create your own loops using AudioCopy to copy sounds from other music/sound making apps, which effectively allows the iPad to become a tool for DJs or music students.

Below are some official screenshots from the app.

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GarageBand LiveLoops

Believe it or not, GarageBand has a similar feature now in its iOS version and it packs some great samples for EDM. It also allows you to create you own, so that makes it create for composition tasks in education, or for mashup artists. I’ll let a little demo video I screen recorded speak for itself below, so enjoy!


Extra: Rebecca Ly and Musical Games

We had a play on iPad apps, and one in particular called Singsmash. Singsmash is an app that requires you to sing notes to play a game like pong and it would be great for developing relative pitch. Rebecca broke down music games into categories, such as gamification, serious games, and entertainment games. An example of a serious game is Flashnote derby, and examples of entertainment games are Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge. Gamification applies game mechanics to non game related contexts in the promise of making it fun. It is currently in the period of enlightenment on the hype cycle as its use is becoming effective in education, although, educators still need to be mindful as it is extrinsically motivating.