Taking from my improvisation of section A, I am using what I came up with on the 5th take because I have grown attached to it. I transcribed what I played below which was actually very fun. The melodic contour is different from Section A’s melody in that the apex note occurs towards the start of the melody like the tin whistle melody from the Lord of The Rings soundtrack. 

Irish Music Influence - Tin Whistle in D.png

I was also looking to spice it up a bit after I found my dusty violin under my bed when my mum asked me to clean. My violin only has 3 strings and it has a very cheap and nasty sound… perfect!

Below I will post the section that has the violin’s flavour at the end. Before that though, here’s the notation for what I play.

Irish Music Influence - Violin.png

– The introduction takes from the final 2 bars of section B
– There is a 2 bar fill between the sections to help transition

To work into section B, I repeated the last 2 chords of the chord progression (D and Em) and then I introduced the low D Irish whistle that responds to the conclusion of the melody. Recording it was annoying because I got a nice sound from placing the microphone near the fipple but I kept getting air sounds in the microphone. I had to use a wind guard to get over that problem. I plan on keeping the instruments in the piece from now on, and I will soon add the uilleann bagpipes to build to a thicker texture. As for the bodhrán, I added a fill to vary the ostinato and I used the first open tones to accent my way into section B for a better transition.

I have ultimately decided that my piece will branch away from my model’s step at this point. Instead of doing lyrics, I’m strongly focusing on instruments and developing that idea of passing the melodic role between the instruments and using a heterophonic texture.

Below are some YouTube videos with music that I found particularly interesting that I will keep in the back of my mind. I mainly took ornamental ideas from these as well as listening to how the recordings were brought together.