This post wraps up my final composition assignment for Composition in Music Education. The audio, score, and additional documents will be linked at the bottom of the page, however, there is one last reflection to add.

Final Reflection

In preparing the score for submission, I knew the default Sibelius cover page would not do. Using Pages and a nice banner from Pixabay, I pulled together a custom and more aesthetically pleasing score cover page.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 1.00.27 am.png

I then also wrote the preface page to professionally list any performance instructions which could have difficult to get from the score. I also included the bodhrán notation key to make my notation really clear.

Screenshot of preface page

In summation, while my composition did not strictly follow my original model to contain lyrics as I extended beyond and worked with a variety of instruments. This is still true to the style of music, as traditional Irish music is either song based or instrumental based. In terms of recording, I made sure not to over-compress the track like a modern pop song, as there are dynamic differences in my composition.

In order to make notation very clear, I consulted Elaine Gould’s (2011) Behind Bars, especially on the matter of grace notes, glissandi, and other conventions. The book said that glissandi optimally should have “gliss.” written above an instance at least for the first time, however, space was limited. I decided to just use the line as it was still legal by the book, with instructions in the preface just to make sure. Slides are idiomatic and common practice on the instruments anyway so it was a perfectly fine reason to leave it out. I also chose to include grace notes under the one slur to avoid clutter, which was an alternative to slurring absolutely every grace note.

I am happy with the results as I ended up working on the music first rather than the dots in Sibelius. I believe I have done a good job on the recording given I recorded, mixed, and mastered it at home.

Audio File

Or you can download the 320kbps mp3 from here.


You can view and download the score from my Dropbox account here.

Version Log

You can download and view the word document here.

Reference List

Gould, E. (2011). Behind bars: The definitive guide to music notation. London: Faber Music.