Moving on from the features that Sarah Prestwidge and I planned, scenes were added into the draft. See below for the original plan and the numbers imposed onto the interface to show where each icon will go.

2016-11-05 16.05.34.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.24.16 pm.png

1: Composition notation tool
2: Audio/Video recorder
3: Help/Information
4: Teacher login
5: Music creation lab
6: student login
7: Aural training
8: Chords
9: Keys, scales, and time signatures

Moving on from this, we made a sketch music creation lab menu with some placeholder icons. At this point, we took from the wireframe drum kit draft and added a new playable piano with mp3 audio file assets.
Music Lab Draft.gif

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 5.44.26 pm.png

If possible, we can explore a sound selector so it isn’t limited to piano sounds. The limitations of Hype also hold us back as repeated sounds are truncated rather than left to flow into each other.

The final two slots are for the loop pad and the ethnic instruments lab, which will have another menu.

Taking a liking to GarageBand’s instrument selection screen, we explored the possibility of a sliding screen to swipe between the instruments. Sadly there wasn’t much information on how to achieve it in terms of code templates so we are happy to keep the button design, which works better for continuity anyway.

In terms of creating a page for student and teacher logins, Hype doesn’t have the ability to create forms with ease. After looking at this page, it seems like it is possible to create a mock-up login screen within Hype for the sake of the login screen. This will be explored in future, however, here is a rough draft design below. For the sake of the app’s wireframe, the log in button will direct to example classes/resources to demonstrate how the app will be used. This means that it would be more of an aesthetically design rather than a fully functioning feature within the app. This is also because we do not have a server with a database to host user accounts.

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