Today we added an instrument to the ethnic Instruments category of the app (see projected categories here). The bodhrán will be one of many ethnic instruments featuring in the prototype app, which would be joined by an even larger suite if the app was officially produced. This post looks into how the instrument was made in Hype and contains a speed-art style process video.


The Bodhrán was sampled using a Zoom H5 into Logic Pro X to be rendered as individual mp3 files to added to the hype document. For the sake of a “light” wireframe, only 5 samples were taken, including a rim click. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Hype supports a sample round robin so the triggered sounds would have the machine gun effect.

The Picture


A picture of the actual bodhrán was taken and cut in photoshop to isolate the instrument. This was then placed into a scene in Hype and imposed over a blurred image from Pixabay to make it more aesthetically pleasing. We’re still a little unsure about the angle, however, we wanted to show the frame of the drum instead of taking just a “bird’s eye” shot.





The Process Video

See below for a process video in a speed-art style. Unfortunately, recording this was an afterthought so some of the steps were already complete before recording. You will see the methods used to create the instrument nonetheless.

Basically, ellipses were used and made 100% opaque to act as invisible buttons to trigger the different samples. A large ellipses was used to create the feedback effect.