This post shows the addition of a synthesiser to the keyboard section of the app.


The piano scene was duplicated and then polished to have a dark blue/black top and an instrument icon. Arrows were added to allow users to swap between the two sound options (jump between scenes). A synthesiser image was taken from Pixabay and then photoshopped to remove the white background. It was then exported as a PNG to import perfectly into Hype.


Individual notes were help using a saw wave software synthesiser in Logic and then exported as Mp3s to add to Hype. Because the synth is a sustaining sound, it required some on the spot learning. Luckily, it was intuitive (and highly tedious) to use the “when touch end” actions to disable the sound. Using the “loop” feature, it also allows the sample to play for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, there is an obvious click as crossfading is not built in. See below for an example of the action.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 11.42.22 pm.png


We wish it was possible to export interactive drafts, however, WordPress does not accomodate this easily.