Today we decided to add another ethnic instrument to our application. The Dizi is a Chinese transverse flute, and is often used in Chinese folk music and Chinese Opera. Despite its piercing sound, and the distaste of Sarah’s family as we played, we both had a lot of fun learning (attached are some videos for your enjoyment). The tuning of the Dizi is slightly off and has a flat 7th, however, we have decided to keep this for authenticity purposes.

We took a photo of the Dizi that I got from Singapore and cropped it to remove the background using Preview (don’t worry, we were also surprised by Preview’s ability to do such things).

We then recorded each note into Logic with a Zoom H5. After we recording we cropped them to the best part of the sound and added a reverb tail after but splitting the clip.
Hype’s limitation is that once the note is stopped the sample is truncated leaving a ‘clicking’ sound, that is because the wave form suddenly stops (as illustrated in the image to the right). Other software systems have extended coding that allows for a few milliseconds of release.

15045706_10209098344108890_1809547997_n.png.jpegThe following sequence will allow you to export each snippet as its own audio file: Right
click in Logic > Export > Export as audio files. 
Once exported, it will render in an uncompressed format that will need to be converted to mp3.

We found a suitable background for the Dizi on Pixabay and imported the image of the Dizi onto it. The methods we used for coding this was looping the main sample on a touch down and putting the reverb tail on the touch end, and stopping the main sample.