Adding the didgeridoo was somewhat a puzzle to our minds because it couldn’t be playable like a keyboard, and it couldn’t be like the wind instruments. Perhaps the developed version of this app could explore a live sound manipulation using complex crossfading between samples, however, this is completely out of Hype’s capabilities. Taking from the Loop Pad’s idea of playing loops, the didgeridoo was set out like a phrase selector (see YouTube video).

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 7.23.36 pm.png

The samples were sourced by Planetjazzbass on as they were royalty free and we were unable to record a real didgeridoo. We worked with just 5 samples in interest of keeping the web app’s size light (as it was already close to 80mb), and applied them to a cropped image of a didgeridoo.

Unfortunately, Hype’s annoying audio clicks are present as well, although, this is only something that would occur in the prototype. If this app were to be developed and coded natively by software professionals, then this issue would be far from present.