The presentation (celebration) of learning evening was a great success for all my peers and it was brilliant to see such a range in projects, ranging from documentaries to excellent teaching resources. You can check out all of my peers’ projects on James Humberstone’s blog here and read about their successes on the evening. Sarah and I elected to present our project, which was a prototype app for education that includes many features that a teacher can implement in the classroom. You can download and install the app, as well as read the explanation and design document here. The presentation was a success, however, the app crashed requiring us to swap out with another iPad that was loaded with the offline app (contingency plans are amazing).

Here are some photos that Sonia Sze kindly took of Sarah and I presenting.

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I had fun presenting our project, although, I feel slightly embarrassed by the way I held the microphone (I couldn’t hear myself through the fallbacks at all).

We had conversations with people regarding how Hype worked and it was fun to show them the tool that realised our project. For those that do not know Hype, it is WYSIWYG software for Mac that can be used to make HTML5 prototype apps, iBook widgets, animations, and interactive websites. You do not need to use code, however, you can if you wish to achieve something more advanced by using JavaScript and HTML (we needed to use this to achieve certain functions within the prototype).

I would like to thank my lecturer, James Humberstone, for such a fun and exciting unit that allowed us to learn about technology in music education, and also undertake our own negotiated projects as an assessment task. The assessments for the subject greatly benefit my future in the music education profession as I learnt great skills to create resources for my classes. Our project may never be developed after this assessment task, however, the skills I acquired can be used to create more apps, widgets for iBooks, and interactive elements for websites to engage with the new era of education. I’m sure every single one of my peers is absolutely grateful for this unit as we all learnt so much that we can apply to our future professions.