After exploring GarageBand for a little bit today, I found and used the sampler. If you’re familiar with the iOS version, there is an instrument dedicated to recording and triggering samples. While it is not as easy and user friendly like the sampler in iOS, you can achieve similar effects on Mac.

The screen recording below shows me using it using a sample, however, I cut it short as I got really frustrated using it because I am used to Kontakt and Ableton Live’s sampler. I actually started creating my own sample library in Kontakt last year and I hope to make a new one using higher quality microphones. The video can help you find the audio unit and show you how to import the sample.

As it is, you could create sample hooks for electronic music like DJ Snake if you have a suitable sample. In its default mode, the sample’s pitch is created by speeding up or slowing down the sample, so low short sounds become clicks up really high. If you have time, experiment by sampling a high sound, and then playing it low. If you played the violin, you may hear the cracking bow hairs, or if you played the cor anglais you may hear strange air sounds.