I included another one of my pieces as it explores similar composition techniques that Hindson explores in A Single MatchGrieving Flux is a woodwind trio piece that uses many chords built on seconds and it features solo lyrical passages with license to change.

The questions that accompany this task are:

  1. Comment on the composer’s use of chromaticism in the piece.
  2. How does the composer structure musical ideas in the piece with reference to bar numbers?
  3. What is unusual about the performance instructions?
  4. What are the similarities and contrasts with A Single Match?

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 5.40.05 pm.png

I also included a video score in the iBook so students can follow along with the playhead in their own time if they so desire. Unfortunately, I used a lot of advanced Sibelius features which did not translate well into the video score (especially the solo passages).