I derived this resource from Jim Coyle’s (n.d.) “Tramways of Qaanaaq – PLAN.doc” and made it appropriate for my composition activity to give students material usable for their mandatory composition.

I edited the well formatted table to allow 4 blank spaces for students to create a small ensemble piece with instruments of their own choosing. I removed some rows as they were not needed and now it is a resource completely usable for my activity.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 7.28.42 pm.png

The activity:

Students individually compose a short piece for small ensemble using pitch limitation and exploring the use of register, dynamics, articulation, and instrument interplay. Using Strobe as a guide, and the improvisation performance activity as inspiration, students should create around 1 minute of music using the composition planner sheet.

In reflection, my program has multiple opportunities for students to create their own material based on Light Music. My approach is to equip students with composition techniques rather than making students start a piece from day one. The techniques I have looked at revolve around using few ideas, crucial for the mandatory composition. Through understanding how music such as Light Music is composed, and thus how it works, students develop a deeper understanding of the work. After this unit, students will walk away with the following techniques: Repetition, limited pitch sets, a different approach to harmony, and focusing on how the music is played such as articulation and dynamics.

Coyle, J. (n.d.). Tramways of Qaanaaq – PLAN [Word document].