I added the finishing touches to my iBook by adding a fifth chapter to document additional tasks that have relations with Light Music. 

One of my activities is to analyse Hindson’s Song of Life as a means to bring some contemporary traditional notation into the program. The syllabus asks for students to be introduced feathered beaming, which Song of Life is riddled with. It also contains harmonics so it segues into an activity about extended techniques.Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 8.22.59 pm.png

The activity with extended techniques requires students to research a few for their own instrument and then to present them to the class in a mini improvised performance. This wouldn’t mean much unless it linked to Light Music, so I linked it. Because Strobe explores different ways to create interest as a result of the pitch limitation (and repetition), there is a focus on dynamics, articulation, and register. By adding extended techniques, it is another tool for students to use to create interest. The activity requires students to compose a short composition as an exercise (and to act as draft material) where they plan around creating interest through these alternative means. For example, a string player could play a passage and vary it greatly with the tonal and register contrast of artificial harmonics. Or a guitarist could play with effects which opens up into the digital realm, linking to the studies done on electroacoustic music.

In terms of the Google documents, there isn’t much point creating amazing detailed ones as they are easier made on the go. This is the Google document that would be sectionalised and used throughout the unit though (editing disabled for the purpose of the blog). https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K8MbWL1x7DgMCjVTVc6zhc6f607_kr-RzZG5VIHB8RM/edit?usp=sharing